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[Announcement] [READ ME] ?Earn Money With Rinovix❗❗

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Mar 20, 2022

?We are glad to announce that you can now!! use Rinovix to make money.

? We plan on giving some prize money to active Rinovix members who achieve certain levels on Rinovix.com.

➡️Per 1000 Reaction score = $1
➡️Per 1000 rinovix Points = $1
➡️Per 100 Referrals = $1

? How to earn on rinovix?

To make money on Rinovix, you must accrue points, which you may do by uploading content, receiving remarks or reactions on your posting, and inviting others to sign up.

⚠️ Important Notice!!​

  • Fake responses to the post or comments are not tolerated.
  • Fake or duplicate accounts will not be included in the refer calculation.
  • Posting of duplicate content is prohibited (if you want to post the same content we will add you to their team so you can also contribute to their post.)
  • External URL Shortner websites like (gplink, za.gl, etc) are not allowed you can use our own URL shortener droplink.eu.org or shrinkly.eu.org to short your URL in case we will find any other URL shorteners we will permanently band your account from rinovix.

? Minimum Withdrawal​

➡️ PayPal - $5 (It will not include the PayPal transaction fee.)

➡️ Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm - ₹100

➡️ eSewa, Khalti, IMEPay - ₹100
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