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3.14 June 15, 2023
Staggered version available for 15% of customers.
3rd-party compatibility: Introduce Cloudflare APO compatibility (#3180)
3rd-party compatibility: Improve TranslatePress and RUCSS compatibility (#5640)
Enhancement: Rewrite Cloudflare Add-on code (#5729)
Enhancement: Bump minimum WordPress version to 5.8, PHP to 7.3
Download WP Rocket v3.13.4 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
v3.13.4 - June 5, 2023

  • Enhancement: Improve partial cache clearing for non-latin URLs (#5815)
  • Enhancement: Fix deprecation notices in PHP 8.2.3 (#5801)
  • Enhancement: Change the jQuery recommended exclusion from Delay JavaScript (#4371)
  • Enhancement: Improve hit rates for Redis by moving ‘wp_rocket_no_licence’ to the options API (#5793)
  • Bugfix: Sanitization of permalink settings output (#5893)
  • Bugfix: Fix ‘undefined array key’ warning in specific circumstances (#5492)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Improve compatibility with security plugins to prevent excessive cache clearing (#5887)
Download WP Rocket v3.13.3 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
v3.13.3 - May 24, 2023

  • Enhancement: Change the wording for One-Click Exclusions (#5929)
  • Enhancement: Prevent from adding incomplete Used CSS into the source (#5809)
  • Enhancement: Guard against removing style tags when <title> is not present and Used CSS can not be injected (#5755)
  • Enhancement: Display a notice for users that are still using CPCSS to encourage them to RUCSS feature (#5905)
  • Enhancement: Make sure that recommended Elementor Delay JavaScript Execution exclusions are not causing accessibility warnings (#5282)
  • Bugfix: Fix ‘Add missing image dimensions’ regex to prevent it from removing custom attributes (#5818)
  • Bugfix: Fix a regression when WP Rest API wasn’t cached for both: trailing slash and non-trailing slash versions (#5900)
  • Bugfix: Make sure that CPCSS for mobiles is regenerated when switching the theme (#5751)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Compatibility between RUCSS and Themify theme (#5736)
Download WP Rocket v3.13.1 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
v3.13.1 April 18, 2023

This version is currently available for 40% of our users.
  • Enhancement: Update delay JS script to the latest version, fixing issue with sticky elements (#4216)
  • Enhancement: Make sure that wrongly formatted URLs from WooCommerce are not preloaded (#2068)
  • Enhancement: Update the default Delay JavaScript exclusion list to contain jQuery migrate script (#5192)
  • Enhancement: Remove unnecessary preconnect request when logged-in with User Cache disabled (#5474)
  • Enhancement: Make sure that Preload Fonts feature's output is added just after the </title> tag (#4215)
  • Enhancement: Set the minimum version of Action Scheduler to 3.0.0 and prevent fatal errors when the condition is not met (#5638)
  • Enhancement: Add a filter to change the time when not accessed URLs will be removed from the cache table (#5657)
  • Enhancement: Introduce new CRON to retry failed RUCSS jobs after 3 days (#5724)
  • Bugfix: Make sure WebP is served when UPLOADS constant is used (#5409)
  • Bugfix: Prevent clearing the whole cache when trashing the post in specific conditions (#5585)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Update exclusions from Delay JavaScript related to Uncode theme (#5743)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Compatibility with PRO ISP hosting (#5844)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Enable Separate Cache for Mobile Devices when WPDiscuz is used (#5719) April 13, 2023
Bugfix: Fix a problem when the license could not be activated for fresh installs in some cases (#5866) April 05, 2023
Bugfix: Guard against removing php files inside our configuration directory that are not related to WP Rocket (#5854)
Enhancement: Improve new Delay JavaScript UI for Safari browsers (#5842)
Download WP Rocket v3.13 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
v3.13 March 28, 2023
Staggered release is available for 10% of customers, read more.

  • Enhancement: New Delay JavaScript UI. Allows to exclude scripts related to 3rd-parties with a checkbox (#5493)
  • Enhancement: Respect trailing slash settings when serving the cache (#5207)
  • Enhancement: Add hidden query string value to the logger (#5643)
  • Enhancement: Clear cache when 'Discourage search engines from indexing this site' option is changed (#5662)
  • Enhancement: Prevent cleaning home feeds cache when not necessary (#5753)
  • Enhancement: Cancel Action Scheduler actions related to Preload when the cache table is cleared (#5674)
  • Enhancement: Update the Lazy Load script to the latest version (#5250)
  • Bugfix: Fix a problem when a white screen was displayed after clearing the cache (#5747)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning being displayed when rolling back any theme (#5762)
  • Bugfix: Fix a problem when WP Rocket was not clearing configuration files and htaccess upon the deactivation (#5687)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Improve WPX hosting compatibility to make sure browser caching is handled properly (#5675)
Download WP Rocket v3.12.6.1 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
v3.12.6.1 March 7, 2023
Available as a staggered release for 30% of customers.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem with Delay JS script related to handling injected special characters #5794
  • Bugfix: Fixed an edge case when scripts were excluded from Delay JS unintentionally #5796
Download WP Rocket v3.12.6 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
v3.12.6 February 20, 2023

  • BugFix: Partial URL added to Never Cache URLs is excluded from preloading #5588
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Add compatibility with Members #5668
  • Enhancement: Clear cache partially instead of globally when Never cache This Page is changed in the Edit screen metabox #4773
  • BugFix: Used CSS isnot generated automatically for home page in certain cases #5631
  • Enhancement: Update Minify dependency with latest changes #5617
  • BugFix: Lazyload compatibility with the new Avada background markup #5649
  • BugFix: Preload can get stuck when disabling Remove Unused CSS while there are pending jobs #5671
  • Enhancement: Remove Unused CSS - Detect usage of Perfmatters' Used CSS #5533
  • Enhancement: Detect usage of Autoptimize's RapidLoad Used CSS #5424
  • BugFix: Improve the logic of adding URLs to the preload queue #5619
  • Enhancement: ONE - RocketCDN's CTA banner is displayed in the CDN tab #5682
  • Enhancement: Update action scheduler to v3.5.4 #5714
  • Enhancement: Preload - disable preload for pagination pages by default #5544
  • Enhancement: Missing column on wp_wpr_rocket_cache during updates #5645
  • Enhancement: Improve webp detection on apple devices #5654
  • BugFix: Update Delay JS script to the latest version #5756
Download WP Rocket v3.12.5.3 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
v3.12.5.3 February 02, 2023
Staggered for 60% of customers, learn more.
Update Delay JS script to fix edge cases where links were not clickable and stop handling scripts inside SVG (#5731)
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