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Download Shoptimizer v2.6.7 - Optimize your WooCommerce store Nulled Free
v2.6.7 - 29-05-2023

* Fix - Replaced deprecated use of get_page_by_title with WP_Query for the custom 404 and "No search results" pages.
* Tweak - Styling for a Password protected product improved.
* Compatibility - WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro by SkyVerge error resolved.
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Download Shoptimizer v2.6.6 - Optimize your WooCommerce store Nulled Free
v2.6.6 - 15-05-2023

* New - Update cart page quantity via ajax without a plugin. Customize > Layout > WooCommerce - Ajax update cart page quantity
* New - Option to display the default 'Shop' h1 heading. Customize > Layout > WooCommerce - Display shop heading
* New - Create a Custom "No Search Results" page.
* New - Create a Custom 404 Page.
* Fix - added_to_cart event not being fired within single-product-ajax.js.
* Fix - Quantity buttons on cart page now remain visible after updating quantity value.
* Fix - "The content of your post doesn’t match the template assigned to your post type" message within product admin area.
* Fix - "Site doesn’t include support for the "woocommerce/product-tab block" message within product admin area.
* Fix - Modal class changed to cg-modal to prevent conflicts with modals in other plugins.
* Compatibility - YITH Quick View plugin.
* UX - Mobile search toggle icon interaction is snappier now.
* UX - Cart page quantity selector now matches the mini cart style. This is also easier to interact with on mobile.
* Performance - Load single-product-ajax.js in the footer.
* Accessibility - GPSI suggestion: Remove aria-hidden="true" from PDP modal.
* SEO - Changed search modal heading from a h4 to a div.
* Tweak - Include "nolink" CSS class option within mega menu.
* Tweak - Improved hover intent menu targeting.
* Tweak - Added scroll snap for mobile products scrolling elements.
* Tweak - RTL improvements.
* Removed - "Full width contained" page template.
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Download Shoptimizer v2.6.5 - Optimize Your WooCommerce Store Nulled Free
v2.6.5 - 07-03-2023

* New - Sidebar cart quantity option. Customize > Header and Navigation > Cart.
* New - Hover intent theme option for less jarring sudden interactions with dropdown menus. Customize > Header and Navigation > Navigation
* Fix - Typography 2.0 PHP error resolved and updated Google Fonts list included.
* Fix - PDP button gap if only 1 in stock.
* Tweak - More robust sale discount calculation function.
* Tweak - Improved review reply styling.
* Tweak - One row header layout on the thank you page style corrections.
* Tweak - Removed lazy loading background image for below header category banner as this would typically already display above the fold.
Download Shoptimizer v2.6.4 - Optimize your WooCommerce store Nulled Free
v2.6.4 - 31-01-2023

* New - Option to hide the "View cart" button in the sidebar mini cart. Customize > Header and Navigation > Cart.
* Fix - Hiding category description option now works again.
* Tweak - Theme now uses CSS Grid on blog and archive pages.
* Tweak - Lock icon added to cart and mini cart checkout buttons.
* Tweak - Mobile cart RTL improvements.
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Download Shoptimizer v2.6.3 - Optimize your WooCommerce store Nulled Free
v2.6.3 - 09-01-2023

* New - Customizer typography controls can now accept local custom font files.
* Fix - For variable items on sale, the sale % value now updates on PDPs if it differs between variations.
* Fix - Improved order of CSS loaded within Shoptimizer's child theme.
* Fix - Below category content WYSIWYG - solved empty <p> tag display issue.
* Compatibility - WooCommerce Product Videos plugin.
* Compatibility - Smart Search Pro plugin.
* Compatibility - Improved WooCommerce Composite Products Styling.
* Tweak - Added a reveal password toggle to the login and register form on the My Account page.
* Tweak - Cart total in nav bar displays large values better.
* Tweak - Add to cart CTA on PDP goes full width if quantity input isn't present.
* Tweak - RTL improvements.
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