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Download Salient v15.1.1 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled Free
v15.1.1 (6/16/23)

Added WooCommerce 7.8.0 compatibility
Download Salient v15.1.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled Free
v15.1.0 (5/26/23)

Fixed Accessibility issue with "Slide out From Side Hover Trigged" icon
Fixed compaitiblity with WooCommerce "Lazy Load Shop Images" theme option on iOS
Fixed Compatibility issue with react JS based custom applications where content would get duplicated on occasion
Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to 6.13.0
Download Salient v15.0.9 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled Free
v15.0.9 (4/6/23)

  • Added row ID to be visible within the backend editor UI
  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin with theme option "Full Width with Quantity" Add to cart style.
  • Added ability to use more than 2 decimal places in "Milestone" page builder element
  • Added "Global Section" page builder element to wpml.config
  • Added PHP 8.2 compatibility to Theme options panel (redux framework)
  • Added theme option to create a circular loop in Portfolio project navigation
  • Added general CSS class trigger (hide-nectar-indicator) to allow the drag indicator effect to hide when hovered over any element containing it
  • Added general JS callback trigger for AJAX minicart (nectar_woo_mini_cart_updated) for third party plugin integration
  • Fixed "Responsive Text" page builder element "Text Color" option to correctly apply when using heading tags
  • Fixed "Image With Hotspots" page builder element close button on mobile to not reset page to the top on click
  • Fixed child column link to be clickable when using inner nested inner rows
  • Fixed Tiktok embeds to display correctly
  • Fixed Nested "Tabs" page builder element issue caused by nesting a global section that contains a "Tabs" element within another "Tabs" element
  • Fixed mobile search bar z-index issue that prevented mobile navigation items from being correctly accessed in certain setups
  • Fixed "Fullscreen Inline with Dynamic BG" off canvas menu logo coloring
  • Fixed "Back" button display in "Fullscreen Inline with Dynamic BG" off canvas menu when accessing submenu items
  • Fixed "Milestone" loading animation when using the theme performance option "Delay Javascript Execution"
  • Fixed animated SVG icon animation (vivus script) when using theme performance option "Delay Javascript Execution"
  • Fixed "Toggle Panels" page builder element icon display issue with "Minimal Shadow" style
  • Fixed "Toggle Panels" page builder element to recalculate parallax scrolling items correctly when opened/closed
  • Fixed PHP error in WPBakery page builder when accessing saved element presets
  • Updated Salient Portfolio plugin to 1.7.3
  • Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to 1.9.2
  • Updated Salient Core Plugin to v1.9.9
Download Salient v15.0.8 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled Free
v15.0.8 (1/12/23)

Added missing element attributes to wpml-config
Added "close on Esc" functionality to all search/popups
Added the latest Google fonts to theme options
Added ability to specify custom mobile breakpoint when using "Left Header" layout
Added TrustPilot and Mastodon icons into available social links
Added ability to trigger search bar open via custom class name "nectar-search-open-trigger"
Improved WooCommerce minicart SEO
Fixed "Toggle Panels" page builder element > minimal shadow style coloring
Fixed Scrolling Text page builder element to be able to use custom font color correctly
Fixed global section specified in theme options to correctly display on page sidebar templates
Fixed Delay JavaScript execution issue with video lightbox links
Fixed Off canvas menu: Slide out from right to not show color in Mac overscroll effect
Fixed "Fancy Unordered List" page builder element to correctly use custom spacing when used in global section
Fixed jQuery warning for fancy dropdown theme option when jQuery migrate is removed
Salient Core plugin to 1.9.8
Fixed WP from adding extra paragraph tag around Global Section used in footer
Fixed "Image Comparison" page builder element custom class name to render on frontend
Added ability to use REM and EM unit types in responsive font sizing throughout all elements
Added option to skip lazy loading on "Fancy Box" and "Image Gallery" page builder elements
version: 6.4.0 (05/12/2022)

- Added a new option for setting default Google map location
- Added Apple signin option
- Account delete option implemented for customers in the system
- Important bug fixing.
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v.15.0.7 (11/2/22)
Added ability to use decimals in "Milestone" page builder element
Added ability to use multiple headings inside of "Scrolling text" page builder element
Added new action hook "nectar_recent_posts_multiple_large_featured_after_title" to "Recent posts" page builder element
Added support for "picture" elements to be used for header logo from third-party plugins that optimize images
Added "Text with Inline Media" page builder element to wpml-config.xml
Added ability to use shortcodes in "Secondary Header Text"
Fixed mobile font sizing overrides for "Responsive Text" page builder element
Fixed Column "text align" mobile overrides
Fixed clip path column animations when the "Page Builder Element Animations On Mobile Devices" theme option is disabled
Fixed "External project URL" to be utilized for portfolio projects when using "Custom" post type option inside of "Post grid" page builder element
Fixed Global Sections to not repeat content from third-party plugins that have hooked to "the_content" filter
Fixed animated anchors scrolling issue when linking to pages which used "Flickity" image galleries
Fixed rows set to "Sticky Alignment" -> "Top of Window Below Nav Bar" when using header resize effect
Fixed "Recent Posts" page builder element set to 4 columns to display correctly in 2 columns in tablet view
Updated Salient Core plugin to v1.9.7
Download Salient v15.0.6 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled Free
v15.0.6 (11/2/22)

  • Added global color scheme colors into color pickers outside of the page builder. e.g. in page header metabox, project configuration etc.
  • Fixed outdated template warning with WooCommerce 7.0.1
Download Salient v15.0.5 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled Free

  • Added accessibility "aria-hidden"/"tabindex" to links within Flickity sliders
  • Added new header dropdown shadow theme option - "Large Alt"
  • Fixed Safari v13 JS issue
  • Fixed Nectar deferred stylesheets (non-critical) path conflict with certain third-party plugins
  • Fixed shape dividers to correctly display on a page where a neighboring row is using a "Clip Path Inset" animation
  • Fixed sticky sidebar functionality when using delay JS performance theme option for all devices
  • Fixed Off canvas menu > Fullscreen inline with dynamic images to swap correctly when using two or more instances of the same menu on a page
  • Fixed "Nectar Highlighted Text" element to be included in wpml-config/xml
  • Fixed iframe embed conflict with Elementor popup
Download Salient v15.0.4 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled Free
v15.0.4 (9/11/22)

  • Added WooCommerce 6.9.x compatibility
  • Fixed meta date to be removed from HTML markup on single blog post when disabled
  • Fixed intersection observer events from triggering incorrectly in iframes
  • Fixed "Minimal Design" product style to correctly function with "gallery image on product hover" option in Safari
  • Fixed lazy loaded Flickity carousels to not interfere with animated anchor links in Safari
  • WooCommerce form-login.php template to match current version
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