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Download JNews v11.0.7 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v11.0.7 : 31 May 2023

- [BUG] Fix alignment margin image in single post issue
- [BUG] Fix false positive google virus detection warnings
- [BUG] Fix Instagram footer error
- [BUG] Fix scroll to element triggered directly
- [BUG] Fix the sticky element style issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v11.0.1
Download JNews v11.0.6 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v11.0.6 : 26 May 2023

- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.13.0
Download JNews v11.0.5 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v11.0.5 : 14 April 2023

- [BUG] Fixed false positive virus detection warnings
Download JNews v11.0.4 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v11.0.4 : 13 April 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add margin options for wp blocks
- [IMPROVEMENT] Reduced render-blocking effect of Google Analytics 4 by optimizing loading scripts.
- [BUG] Resolved issue that caused errors on PHP versions below 7.3 due to an extra comma.
- [PLUGIN] Update JegAI Assistant v1.2.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.6.12
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.8
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Download JNews v11.0.3 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v11.0.3 : 4 April 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add new speed optimization options for preloading pages
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add option to redirect to the last page after social login
- [IMPROVEMENT] Override post category permalink
- [IMPROVEMENT] Remove Google+ from JNews
- [BUG] Fix Autoload Narrow Sidebar Mobile Issue
- [BUG] Fix Facebook social counter issue
- [BUG] Fix JNews Gallery on Autoloaded Post Issue
- [BUG] Fix missing video playlist carousel when JNews - Podcast active
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v11.0.1
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Download JNews v11.0.2 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v11.0.2 : 15 March 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add option to disable table theme styles
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add scrollable table option on mobile
- [BUG] Fix mobile truncate button overlapping sticky mobile ads
- [BUG] Fix video block load more on the search page
- [PLUGIN] Update JegAI Assistant v1.2.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v11.0.1
Download JNews v11.0.1 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v11.0.1 : 28 February 2023

- [UPDATE] Improved pagination functionality for Ajax pagination mode in Archive Template
- [BUG] Fixed issue with Ajax pagination mode in Archive Template displaying posts from different tags
- [PLUGIN] Update JegAI Assistant v1.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Customize Detail Category v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Tiktok Feed v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Like Button v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Bookmark v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Webstories v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Subscribe to Download v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Jannah Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JMagz Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newsmag Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Publisher Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Sahifa Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Soledad Migration v11.0.0
Download JNews v11.0 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free

- [NEW PLUGIN] Compatible with JegAI Assistant, Increase Productivity using the Power of AI by generating high-quality content for titles, content articles, subheadings, and any other.
- [BUG] Fix the title full width on a single video in mobile resolution
- [BUG] Fix the upload button on the meta box not showing the preview
- [BUG] Fix Virustotal Sangfor Engine Zero security warning
- [BUG] Fix the title full width on a single video in mobile resolution
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.9
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.8
Download JNews v10.8.2 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v10.8.2 : 5 December 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add gradient color option for sticky header
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add YouTube playlist support on JNews - Youtube / Vimeo Playlist Element
- [BUG] Fix bbPress favorite and subscribe button
- [BUG] Fix dark mode toggle issue on customizer preview
- [BUG] Fix import demo not import footer Elementor
- [BUG] Fix system report not being copied correctly
- [BUG] Fix thumbnail unclickable on JNews - Block 35 & 36
- [BUG] Fix Tiktok icon style on AMP
- [BUG] Fix video playlist issue with local video
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.4
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Download JNews v10.8.1 - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free
v10.8.1 : 16 November 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add automatic update for Google Fonts
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add enable and disable hover option on drawer menu
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add keep open sub menu option on the drawer menu
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add nofollow option for the header button
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add unit option for Font Size and Line Height on Font Option Customizer
- [BUG] Fix the main menu element style issue on the mid or top header
- [BUG] Fix customizer issue with pay writer and view counter
- [BUG] Fix Login Processing Issue
- [BUG] Fix override like issue when using JNews - Video
- [BUG] Fix the sticky sidebar on 768 pixels width screen
- [BUG] Fix Video Carousel 4 Nav Style
- [BUG] Fix Video Carousel Category issue
- [BUG] Fix wrong class placement on JNews - Block 2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.8
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.7
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.10.0
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