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BStores - Online Store and Blog for Blogger

BStores - Online Store and Blog for Blogger 2.7.0

No permission to download

BStores Responsive Blogger Template is the latest Shopping template on temabanua which has very complete features. With a very clean look, this template looks more professional.

Unlike the previous template, namely Gooshop, the Modrnshop template already has quite complete features, which include a buyer notification button when adding an item, an immediate notification will appear, already completed, Shipping Costs, Sender ID, PayPal and many more.

Thread Updated: 2021-02-03
Release Date: 2020-10-22
Censored: Yes
Browser Supported: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari
Language: English

Template Features​

  • Lighthouse Theme Report – Test results
  • Mobile Friendly | ResponsiveTest results
  • Schema Markup Valid 100% – Test results
  • Fast Loading ThemeTest results
  • Support Desainer Theme – Open
  • Dark Mode Button
  • Font Google :
    • Roboto | 400 | 500 | 700
    • – Poppins | 400 | 500 | 700
  • Icon SVG Type :
    • – Materials Designs Icon
    • – Getbootstrap Icon
  • API Instagram New
  • Header Sticky – True / False
  • LinksList Menu Navigasi
  • Slider Images Barner
  • Widget Layout v.2
  • Related Product
  • Gallery Images Product | Lightbox
  • Checkout Form order WhatsApp
  • Widgets Livechat
  • Contact form WhatsApp
  • Contact Form Blogger
  • Option Size Product
  • Option Color
  • Product Layout Newbie Friendly
  • Page Error 404 / Error
  • Search Page / Labels Page
  • Pages Blogs for Writing
  • Tab labels Description and Information
  • Comments System :
    • Blogger
    • API WidgetPack
  • System Status product Sold Out and Discount
  • Footer link Attribute


v.1.0.0 - (11/04/2020)
- Release

v.1.2.0 - (19/07/2020)
- Fixed comments that can't reply
- Changes to the latest version of blogger comment design
- Fixed Desktop version of WhatsApp share button failure

v.1.3.0 - (24/07/2020)
- Change the blogger layout code to the latest version 2
- Fixed Breadcrumbs the Error in the search console
- Add theme designer fixtures (automatic template color)
- Improvements to Performance template scores via the Lighthouse

v.2.0.0 - (21/08/2020)
- Big update template
- WhatsApp form text fix
- Added Image feature in dethe signer menu
- Add blogger contact form
- Added a widget about blogger admin
- Improved display of the number of product posts on the home page
- Additional feature can write a special article labeled 'Blog'
- Instagram API / Token deletion error
- Fixed 404 error page display & page search
- Improved template value speed performance
- Added dark mode button | dark theme look
- Added product PopulartPost widget feature
- Maximize the results of the lighthouse template value
- JavaSript jQuery v3.5.1 (New)
- Change the comment model to the blogger version

v.2.1.0 - (01/10/2020)
- Fixed all SVG Icons as per data from live blogger
- Additional search widgets are laid out
- Fixed the share button URL link error
- Repair of meta index template data becomes automatic
- Layout display improvements
- Maximizing duplicate readable H1 tags on posting pages

v.2.2.0 - (09/11/2020)
- Fixed the display of the mobile version of the purchase button section
- Maximizing the rest of the CSS display

v.2.3.0 - (12/12/2020)
- Additional product prices can be adjusted according to size
- Improved the appearance of the Blogger contact widget & WhatsApp contacts
- Change in single post product image display
- Fixed JavaScript not working for WhatsApp's settings widget section
- And some minor improvements in the CSS section

v.2.4.0 - (16/12/2020)
- Fixed the display of part of the product post image that was not maximal
- Added Wigdet API rating
- Added Order Notification Widget
- Remove Featured Image & Contact Widget from blogger.com default
- Changed the default blogger.com comment model using WidgetPack
- Fixed CSS uneven dark mode

v.2.5.0 - (31/12/2020)
- Fixed ID Rating & ID Comments widget
- Change the theme color to green
- Added a Marketplace link
- Changed the appearance of the Breadcrumbs section
- Changed the Roboto font to Poppins

v.2.6.0 - (24/01/2021)
- Change in the appearance of the search field section
- Change of iOS type search icon
- Changes to the display of the drdarkode button

v.2.7.0 - (03/02/2021)
- Improvements to the next post button that does not appear on the product label page
- Changes in the display text description automatically above the product
- Added a "Send Message" button in product posts
- The addition of the Next post & Previous post button in your writing section You may like these posts
- The post display type label "Blog" appears on the front page of the template
- Added Instagram API for Instagram account images
- Added widget at the top of the template footer
- And some change model icons
First release
Last update
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