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9Anime Premium - Anime Streaming Blogger Templates

[Blogger] 9Anime Premium - Anime Streaming Blogger Templates 1.1

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9Anime Blogger Template is slick and clean, as well as a stunning UX/UI that makes visitors feel more comfortable and longer watching. Packed with standard features to create your dream anime streaming site.

This theme uses a unipost system which means all episodes are listed in one post. This is certainly different from the multi post system, which separates post series and episodes.

Creating a streaming template is not easy, the process is complicated, it requires funds, effort, and thought.
If you feel this theme deserves support, please send your help by purchasing a license for this theme.

The main function of this template is to stream the results of your own or someone else's translation. If the source of the video is from a fansub, it is mandatory to include the credit.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-26
Release Date: 2022-07-26
Censored: Yes
Documentation: Click here
Browser Supported: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari
Language: English

How to make a post​

Read carefully this section, because this section is the key to achieving high SEO rankings. Especially the Permalink, Title, Description
The entire post editing process is mandatory HTML View.


Permalink settings are in Post > Entry settings > Links > Special
Permalinks are permanent links, for example:

What I want to focus on is the URL after the date, this part: demon-slayer-kimetsu-no-yaiba.html. The tip is that the shorter the permalink the better but it still doesn't eliminate the meaning of the link. Blogger permalinks are created by entering the title abbreviation in the Special Permalink located on the right sidebar of the post settings.

How to create a permalink is to make an abbreviation of a long title such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc
Because the title is too long, we only take the important part: Kimetsu Yaiba Entertainment Arc.
Note that sentences no and District are not included to shorten the title. Good permalinks:

Make permalinks that do not confuse search engines and users, easy to read and understand. Copy the title abbreviation then paste and publish

Label yg valid​

Almost all genre labels support it, if it's still not enough, please enter it manually<b:includable id='genrePost'>

Labels always start with a capital letter. As for custom labels, use the label guidelines below:

Featured of 9amine Blogger Template​

  • Responsive
  • Slide Show Homepage
  • Anime Info Auto Index by Label
  • Dark Mode
  • A recent post by Label
  • Lazy Load Image
  • Lazy Load Youtube
  • Anime info auto index by label
  • Related Episode Series
  • Grid style & List Style (switch button)
  • Related blog/article widget
  • Popular Post widget (hanya post dengan label series yang ditampilkan)
  • Genre Anime widget
  • Season Anime widget
  • Studio Anime widget
  • Episode list auto index by label
  • Ongoing/Movie Archive style
  • Menyembunyikan Episode post pada homepage, search query, archive & label search
  • Membedakan post series dan post streaming (auto by label)
  • Next Prev Episode (auto by label)
  • Light On/Off Video Streaming
  • Expand Video Stream
  • Page view counter
  • DLL
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Hello, I tried this template and it so amazing it comes to UI but the problem I have faced is that the search/filter seems to not works. I don't know if it's just me or not
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